You ask me why I love you

February 11, 2013...... at 8:50 pm | Posted in personal | Leave a comment

I love you because you complete me.
I love you because you are everything that INTJ am not
and in my frustration lies fulfilment

I love you because you buy me presents every time you leave
and because of how much I miss your smell n my solitary life
which seems so empty when you’re not here to share it with

I love cooking with you.
I love wining and dining with you.
I love that I love your friends
and that I have new friends thanks to you.

I love that you get me to do crazy things on mountain tops.
I love that you give me nights I will always remember.
I love that you challenge me
And keep me up way to late, chatting

I love your passion
and the way you break up with me
and get back together again
so beautifully

I love that you push me out of my world
and into yours and ask me to explain
your mercurial melancholy eyes

I love that you understand my big words
yet use no words to communicate
but your eyes,
which you roll
so beautifully

I love the way your lips move,
when I watch them
and think of elves and pixie

So to my rationality you bring fire
and a sense of burning
that leaves me learning
and longing for a lifetime
forever, beautifully, together



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