Reasons why I love you – You are the bubbles in my life

January 29, 2013...... at 9:41 pm | Posted in personal | Leave a comment

I was looking at my New Years resolutions from 2010 and among them were the following:

Do more entertaining
Do something new every month

Thanks to you, we entertain guests most weeks and every month you keep surprising me with stuff I have never done before. In many ways you’ve made my life a much better place to live. I love partying with you and I love the crazy stuff we do together – the memories we create on a regular basis.

I know with absolute certainty that life with you will never be dull or boring, and that one day we will look back on our life together which we have managed to cram full of memories and wonder how it is that it feels like we’ve spent an eternity together? The answer my love is that every week we do something memorable. xxx

So here’s to creating life’s special moments together, here’s to drinking champaign often.

Would you give me the pleasure of your company at a Champaign tasting at Cuvees Classiques tonight, so we can stock up for all the champaign moments ahead of us?


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