You ask me why I love you

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I love you because you complete me.
I love you because you are everything that INTJ am not
and in my frustration lies fulfilment

I love you because you buy me presents every time you leave
and because of how much I miss your smell n my solitary life
which seems so empty when you’re not here to share it with

I love cooking with you.
I love wining and dining with you.
I love that I love your friends
and that I have new friends thanks to you.

I love that you get me to do crazy things on mountain tops.
I love that you give me nights I will always remember.
I love that you challenge me
And keep me up way to late, chatting

I love your passion
and the way you break up with me
and get back together again
so beautifully

I love that you push me out of my world
and into yours and ask me to explain
your mercurial melancholy eyes

I love that you understand my big words
yet use no words to communicate
but your eyes,
which you roll
so beautifully

I love the way your lips move,
when I watch them
and think of elves and pixie

So to my rationality you bring fire
and a sense of burning
that leaves me learning
and longing for a lifetime
forever, beautifully, together



Reasons why I love you – You are the bubbles in my life

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I was looking at my New Years resolutions from 2010 and among them were the following:

Do more entertaining
Do something new every month

Thanks to you, we entertain guests most weeks and every month you keep surprising me with stuff I have never done before. In many ways you’ve made my life a much better place to live. I love partying with you and I love the crazy stuff we do together – the memories we create on a regular basis.

I know with absolute certainty that life with you will never be dull or boring, and that one day we will look back on our life together which we have managed to cram full of memories and wonder how it is that it feels like we’ve spent an eternity together? The answer my love is that every week we do something memorable. xxx

So here’s to creating life’s special moments together, here’s to drinking champaign often.

Would you give me the pleasure of your company at a Champaign tasting at Cuvees Classiques tonight, so we can stock up for all the champaign moments ahead of us?

Friends I’ve never met

April 25, 2010...... at 10:45 am | Posted in personal, thoughts | 1 Comment

I love what twitter is doing to my world.

A couple of days ago my girlfriend ended our relationship because my kids were a problem, too young.
Sad thing is, she’d reminded me how great it is to be a couple and now I find I can’t go back to the me
that wasn’t looking before she gave me intimacy
wrapped up in a body to die for

So I’m feeling all alone and WTF
and took drive out to blogspot
and stumbled on friends I’ve never met
who shared my thoughts and
made my impossible, possible
and gave me peace

How to be human

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Today I think I met a future friend. So rare friends, we tend to acquire them in youth and loose them along the road to middle age. Yet so necessary to a life well lived. My dad asked me yesterday: ‘What is the purpose of your life?’ To which I replied: ‘To make a difference’ Having thought about it some more I fully qualify that sentiment as:
‘To make a positive difference in the lives of people I care about and to care about people.’

So easy to loose one’s purpose in life’s repetitiveness. But so much of life’s richness comes from it’s uniqueness. Talking to some life long friends on Saturday night, I was reminded of that, in how the talk eddied around our unique adventures. For a while I forgot to cherish those original moments that give us such a rich tapestry to survey. As I grew older I applied myself to being a successful husband, father, employee, boss and as Gladwell argues in Outliers success is a repetitive activity. You need 10,000 hours of practice to become successful at something. How many of those 10,000 hours do you think you remember.

Segue to a conversation I was having last week with Bryn about the importance of doing memorable things. How quickly a year can float past if there are no anchors around which to measure time – dates that you remember because they were significant. Success is nothing if it is not practice, but practice is neither significant nor memorable.

I asked a friend today what makes a business succeed. He replied that in his experience it boiled down to people, retired at the age of 37, he now spends his time making a difference in the lives of people he cares about. A while ago at a 40th birthday party I was privileged to witness a wonderful testimony to the difference that one man can make in the lives of others. Last night I read a quote that went:

β€œThe greatest reward in becoming a millionaire is not the
amount of money that you earn. It is the kind of person that you have
to become to become a millionaire in the first place.”
– Jim Rohn

I leave you with a link to a wonderful video by Professor Seligman on human happiness

A good day at the dream

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Started the day slowly, waking up from a 3am meandering through the giant library that is the internet. But I have started to get a handle on my natural proclivity to suck knowledge rather than blow – I have setup Gnome do to interface with Remember The Milk and every 15 minutes it reminds me of all my overdue tasks, so it wasn’t long before I started to actually do stuff. However, since I can’t seem to find a way to get RTM to tell me how many tasks I completed you’ll have to take it on good authority that I had a productive day (the list certainly got shorter πŸ™‚ I suffer from a syndrome my ex-boss Marius called chaining (which I’ve also heard called mammoth hunting), where I’ll start trying to solve a simple problem and through a process of logical extrapolation end up trying to solve the mother of all problems. What can I say – I love problem solving πŸ˜‰ However, my last year at CJ taught me nothing if it wasn’t focus, so the first thing I did when moving my work environment to my home PC was ensure that there were lots of focus reminders. All I have to do is ensure that the things I need to do get entered into RTM and  I get bombarded with reminders – which works wonderfully for me.

However, being a geek – now I want to track my productivity improvement over time. Since RTM won’t tell me how many tasks I’ve completed I have installed the wonderful Task Coach to manage the multitude of tasks I need to complete to get JobCrystal into the shape I want it to be. I popped it into a dropbox folder so that it would be available on all my PC’s. The last application in ensuring a devout attention to focus is RescueTime which will ensure that I don’t wonder off to the twitter / facebook pastures too often. What I love about geeks it this commitment to hacking the brain, just the other day I was reading from Joi Ito:

I’m shy and relatively lazy. I’ve worked most of my life overcoming my
fear of meeting new people and my tendency to slack off. I actually
remember a conscious moment when I noticed that the things I wanted to
do the least were at the bottom of my to do list and never got done. I
started working on my to do lists from the bottom instead of from the
top. I forced myself to do little things like this to overcome my
problems. It turns out that I may be lazy but I’m trainable and have
trained myself to be a bit more productive than I was as a youth.

This awareness to me epitomises geekdom, we are all infinately fallible but in our awareness of our fallibility lies a very human struggle. It is the thing I look for most in a partner – this hyper awareness, this commitment to craft a better me.


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Ten years ago to the day I woke up in a crowded house in Brixton, London and ran outside to have my first snowfight. 9 years ago I found my vocation. 7 years ago I married. 6 years ago I became a father. 3 years ago I returned to Cape Town. 2 years ago I was blessed with twins. 1 year ago my first business failed. This year I got divorced. Life is good πŸ˜›

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