You rock my world, heart & soul

April 27, 2010...... at 11:24 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

3 days ago I couldn’t stop grinning, I was head over heels with you. It was a feeling that was from the heart and reminded me of young love, it was silly and whimsical, fun and exhilarating, distracting and all consuming; but at its base it was young. I left you thinking, how can this feeling not be part of regular human experience – we are fools not to let ourselves feel this every couple of years, and yet we don’t, we grow out of this kind of love and become adults. Why I’m not sure, but we do. Recognising that I was reluctant to use the word love to describe it. Once you have kids, adult love is a grown-up word with responsibilities and quite frankly you made me forget all my responsibilities 🙂
Watching you today with my kids, I realised I was a fool. Whether it was standing together in the kitchen and cooking together or singing together to the same songs or thinking the same thoughts at the same time, what we shared today made all my previous definitions of love look hopelessly inadequate. I don’t know how you did it, but with every look, every touch, every kiss you completed me, you conveyed to me with your every gesture how much you enjoyed being in my life and my life was infinitely better with you in it. I just want you to know that as much as you complete me, I hope to complete you. You are an absolutely awesome human being, and it is a privilege to spend time with you, you enrich me. Today you entered my mind and blew me apart. I love you, heart and soul. We sing the same life song using different words, and the differences in the language deepen my understanding of the message and for that I thank you. For sharing the song I love you.
Today was the end of infatuation and beginning of conscious love, I choose you, it feels so right.


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