Telkom customer service nightmare

March 16, 2010...... at 5:11 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Spent 25 minutes on the phone to Telkom, troubleshooting a persistent ADSL connection dropping issue for a friend. After running the usual diagnostics and rebooting the router several times, Telkom help-desk tells me there’s nothing wrong with the line, so in their opinion the modem is broken and I should take it in to be replaced.

I said, okay no problem. Put in another ISP’s settings and satisfied myself that indeed the router did appear to be the cause of the issues. Friend is irritated as this is the second time the router has been replaced, a duoPlus 300. On Monday my friend runs into the Telkom store in Tokai, where after standing in one queue for 10 minutes, she’s told “Wrong queue – try that queue”. Another 10 minute wait, gets to the service consultant, tells them what the helpdesk told them and that they need to replace the modem.

Customer service says they can’t do that because she doesn’t have a reference number from the 25 minute call on Sunday. I mean come on. Firstly, it is easy to establish that the router is broken, try get it to connect. Secondly, the helpdesk, didn’t give me a reference number, nor tell me that I needed one to swap out the modem.

So the user experience looks like this:
1. Spend 25 minutes on the phone, rebooting router every 10 minutes. Get told you need to get a replacement modem.
2. Go to store, stand in wrong queue for 10 minutes (signage anyone)
3. Stand in right queue for 10 minutes, only to be told to go back to step one and repeat the process, because you don’t have the magic code that step one was supposed to give you.



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