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With all the talk about digital paper, its good ol Steve Jobs who finally delivers the solution that I believe is going to be come ubiquitous. The iPad is a game changer for a couple of reasons:

1. it is based on a proven recipe. Over the last 300 years, books became broadsheets became tabloids. The Kindle (Jeff Bezos is such a visionary) modeled an electronic book, the iTab models the tabloid format. It will occupy the same space in human culture that the tabloid occupied, and I’m guessing tabloids outsell books 1,000,000:1 This I think is the key difference between earlier tablets and the iTab, it occupies a different space. Tablet computers were portable workstations, the itab is an electronic tabloid. It is essentially an entertainment device.

2. It will not crash. The fact that both windows and Linux have failed to deliver an effortless computing experience in the last 10 years is I feel a testament to the impossibility of their technical strategy: One OS running on a multitude of hardware solutions. We may have gotten there one day but I believe right now Steve Jobs is offering a better solution – one OS, one hardware platform. The stability that this brings will alllow Apple to market the device to people who are deeply distrustful of computers. Everyday I handle enquires from JobCrystal users that demonstrate a technical divide as vast as the Grand Canyon. For a lot of users, computers in their current incarnation are incomprehensible. I think the iPad with it iconography and user centric minimalism will bridge the divide better than the existing incumbents.

3. I have watched my mobile phone morph over the last two years into being my primary reading device for rss and twitter feeds. Waiting rooms and reception areas have become opportunities to catch up on the lastest happening online. But the screen is too damn small for comfortable use and I hate the fact that its difficult to share links and offer commentary. I expect the iTab to completely change the way we collectively communicate around media.


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