Installing PIL properly

August 9, 2009...... at 12:41 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

I love virtualenv and easy_install but using the latter to install PIL has in the past proved problematic as it is often not found. I thought my worries were over when I found this little gem on the internet:

easy_install –find-links Imaging

But today while debugging mail-server issues I was left scratching my head by a situation where django running over wsgi was finding PIL but runserver wasn’t.

The reason became clear to me after reading that the problem is that the above method of installing PIL, doesn’t actually install PIL – it installs Imaging (which is a submodule).
pip install
gives you a PIL.pth file in your site-packages and the ability to import PIL



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  1. mmm I get loads or errors by running this command with pip when gcc tries to compile PIL…

  2. Worked wonders! Great post!

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