Postgresql not running on Jaunty

June 5, 2009...... at 12:53 pm | Posted in geek | 4 Comments

If like me you upgraded your ubuntu Jaunty and then found that postgresql.conf had disappeared and /etc/init.d/postgresql start failed silently. The magic command that you need to run is (drumroll):
sudo pg_createcluster 8.3 data

followed by:

sudo pg_ctlcluster 8.3 data start

then carry on with createuser and createdb just as per usual.



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  1. Thanx for the post saved me a lot of time and grief. I have a suspision that this is only needed with Jaunty Server. The server and desktop packages must do different things…nasty.

  2. Thanks,
    Sort out my problem too

  3. Same here, saved me from going nuts, thanks a lot!

  4. This issue is still live. You saved me a couple of hours.

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