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Seligman talks of three types of happiness: Pleasant, Engaged and Meaningful. My love of group interactions and a naturally upbeat personality have meant I have long enjoyed the Pleasant Life. Once I discovered Business Analysis 10 years ago (I remember not believing that people got paid to do this šŸ™‚ I also discovered the Engaged Life. When I am analysing market opportunities and formulating strategy time literally stands still. My current startup is a journey towards Meaningful happiness. The answer to the question what do you want from your life, was to make a positive difference in the lives of people I care about and to care about more people. So I started Jobcrystal because it seems to me that most people don’t enjoy their jobs nearly as much as they should and I believe that my skills can make a positive difference in this area.

My current journey has been both harder and easier than I expected. I didn’t expect to miss the people so much, when my kids left on Sunday night I felt empty. I didn’t expect to miss the context so much – in a corporate so much of the scene has already been set. The brand identity is defined, the market has been identified, the suppliers have been signed, the stationary ordered, the strategy ironed out. In a startup you’ve got nothing and everything. The nothing can be daunting and you need a big dose of baby steps but its the everything that has been liberating.

You realise the degree to which so much of corporate existence is about communication and change management, and how much energy that takes. I have been amazed at how easy it is to get things done when you don’t have to do stakeholder management. The days are different, its not about presentism any more – its about doing the one or two vital things that you can do today to ensure the success of your business. Sometimes that takes 12 hours, sometimes only 2. Its amazing thats I feel more dispersed and yet more focussed. Dispersed because of the sheer number of things you have to do to get a business up and running, focussed because the priority is absolute and unchanging – make your first sale.


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