Facebook and Twitter face off

February 10, 2009...... at 11:53 pm | Posted in thoughts | Leave a comment

For while it was cool having a million and one facebook apps stick stuff on your wall but ultimately humans gather either to observe or communicate. Twitter is the Google search box of casual communication, it puts the I in “I said” right back where it belongs front and center. The twitter application allowed a lot of people to leave facebook secure in the knowledge that their friends in facebook would still be
getting regular updates. The fact that a number of users had to stop using the application speaks to the fact that twitter is about conversations, trying to follow one side of a conversation is confusing.

So people started joining twitter. Not the recent facebook arrivals but the early adopters, the people Gladwell would call sneezers. People who go out of their way to share the latest cool things with their friends. For a while these early adopters ran both Facebook and Twitter profiles, but the Twitter app in facebook allowed you to publish your status updates to Facebook without ever putting in an appearance, the return visits got less frequent. If Facebook management is as good as they should be this fact would have turned up on their management dashboards.

So today Facebook announced that it had opened its API to allow retrieval of statuses
But that is not going to bring these people back they are two busy having public conversations on twitter. Conversations about AMBER ALERTS that subsequently turned out to be hoaxes but still generated hundreds of mentions in a very localised area. For this reason Google will buy twitter.


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