A good day at the dream

February 3, 2009...... at 12:13 am | Posted in personal | Leave a comment

Started the day slowly, waking up from a 3am meandering through the giant library that is the internet. But I have started to get a handle on my natural proclivity to suck knowledge rather than blow – I have setup Gnome do to interface with Remember The Milk and every 15 minutes it reminds me of all my overdue tasks, so it wasn’t long before I started to actually do stuff. However, since I can’t seem to find a way to get RTM to tell me how many tasks I completed you’ll have to take it on good authority that I had a productive day (the list certainly got shorter 🙂 I suffer from a syndrome my ex-boss Marius called chaining (which I’ve also heard called mammoth hunting), where I’ll start trying to solve a simple problem and through a process of logical extrapolation end up trying to solve the mother of all problems. What can I say – I love problem solving 😉 However, my last year at CJ taught me nothing if it wasn’t focus, so the first thing I did when moving my work environment to my home PC was ensure that there were lots of focus reminders. All I have to do is ensure that the things I need to do get entered into RTM and  I get bombarded with reminders – which works wonderfully for me.

However, being a geek – now I want to track my productivity improvement over time. Since RTM won’t tell me how many tasks I’ve completed I have installed the wonderful Task Coach to manage the multitude of tasks I need to complete to get JobCrystal into the shape I want it to be. I popped it into a dropbox folder so that it would be available on all my PC’s. The last application in ensuring a devout attention to focus is RescueTime which will ensure that I don’t wonder off to the twitter / facebook pastures too often. What I love about geeks it this commitment to hacking the brain, just the other day I was reading from Joi Ito:

I’m shy and relatively lazy. I’ve worked most of my life overcoming my
fear of meeting new people and my tendency to slack off. I actually
remember a conscious moment when I noticed that the things I wanted to
do the least were at the bottom of my to do list and never got done. I
started working on my to do lists from the bottom instead of from the
top. I forced myself to do little things like this to overcome my
problems. It turns out that I may be lazy but I’m trainable and have
trained myself to be a bit more productive than I was as a youth.

This awareness to me epitomises geekdom, we are all infinately fallible but in our awareness of our fallibility lies a very human struggle. It is the thing I look for most in a partner – this hyper awareness, this commitment to craft a better me.


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