A walk round SA

February 2, 2009...... at 2:01 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

So I get home at 10 after a wonderful weekend with the kids and catch up with twitter and email and facebook – which results in me opening a couple of links and eventually sees me reading FeistyFemale on twitter, who loves hippo. Since its been a 4 years since I last checked my medical aid premiums, I cruise over there to get some medical aid quotes. Well it turns out you don’t get 40 quotes – you get 4 and all of them are more expensive than my current provider Genesis who 4 years ago was head and shoulders cheaper than anyone else and looks like it still is. Just for the record: justmoney.co.za, hippo.co.za and medquote.co.za all use the same database and insurancehound.co.za was spitting out xml errors.


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  1. Hi Kevin,

    I’m glad to see you visited InsuranceHound.co.za as well when you went looking for medical aid quotes, but not so glad to hear that you had problems on the site.

    We’ve had sporadic reports from users about the same thing, but have been unable to reproduce the problem… would you mind getting in touch with me and let me know a but more about the error(s). Hopefully I can help you through the system (or you could help me track down the problem of the xml errors).

    Thanks in advance,

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