It shouldn’t be like this

April 19, 2007...... at 8:30 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Heartbreaking are the tears that stream down my face as I think of how fortunate I am to have three healthy children. How the pain I felt tonight as I tried to shield them from the bitter anger that lies in the ashes of recent divorce is inconsequential in the face of this woman’s unending anguish. That we can bear this and remain human speaks to blood bonds stronger than anything we believe we possess inside of us. I recall our mariage counsellor ‘Dr Phil’ du Toit, in an attempt to put our marriage difficulties into perspective, asking us what we’d do if one of our children suddenly became gravely ill. My view was that naturally we’d put our current differences aside and rally round the family. Cass said it wouldn’t change anything. That indifference to family is still something I find hard to accept. I would do anything for my family, which is why the tears rolled down my cheeks in sympathy tonight. There can be nothing more heartrending than wanting to do everything and being able to do nothing.

Update (16/2/2008):

I now realise that my response to Phil’s question was informed by the fact that as an introverted thinker, I discount the reality of feelings. For Cass as an extroverted feeler, the feeling is the reality. She could no more put feelings aside than I could thought. Thanks Leigh 8)



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  1. Well we all have our uses. I feel (for lack of a better word) lucky to have got a mention here.

  2. Well we all have our uses. I feel (for lack of a better word) fortunate to have received a mention here.

  3. Do you not consider your inability to overcome thought in order to connect to others with compassion, a weakness?

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